Tirana International School

March 21, 2018


Important Dates


22 - Student Led Conferences - No School for students.

29 - Elementary Choir Festival

30 - Term III Tuition Payment is Due


2 - Easter Monday - No School

4-6 - AP Mock Exams

12-15 - MS Soccer in Sarajevo

14 - School Wide Planning Event

21 - TIS Charity Gala


Director's Desk

Dear Parents and Friends of TIS,

Rain, rain, go away - come again another day!  At school we can't wait for spring to finally arrive and chase away the rain that has been lingering for months.  With the promise of spring, we think of new life and new beginnings, so it is only right that we should have an all community goal setting meeting on April 14.  This important gathering, which is open to all TIS community members (teachers, staff, students and parents), is an opportunity for us to think about the future of the school and make plans that will meet the needs of Tirana for years to come.  

We will begin with a community breakfast on Saturday, April 14 at 9:00 am and will discuss the context of the country, the city and how we as a school can set goals to meet any new challenges.  Your voice is very important so please make plans to be at this event.  In the end, we will create a document that will guide TIS through the next several years with goals and benchmarks that address how we can develop as a school. This is an important part of our accreditation renewal that will take place in one year.  Although the planning will last until early afternoon, you are welcome to stay only as long as you are able.  Even an hour is appreciated!

Looking Forward,

Robert S. Jackson, Director


People in the Marketplace

In Cultural Studies the 7s are studying a unit on "People in the Marketplace." Students have learned that people have jobs in order to make money. They got to experience this first hand by doing a chore for their parents at home and earning 200 leke. Next, they were able to think about how people make decisions about how to spend their money. Students took their 200 leke and got to decide how to spend it at Jumbo. They also put some of their new vocabulary into practice by having a photo scavenger hunt around TEG looking for producers, consumers, businesses, needs, and wants. 


Expressing Yourself

The youngest artists in art class are working on how to express themselves through lines, shapes and colors. They recognize the colors and choose the ones they like to apply on their artwork. Coloring helps children at a young age to learn the skills of patience and focus. They are relaxed, comfortable and concentrated while creating a piece of art. Making art is fun for these young little artists and it's important because it sharpens their motor skills, stimulates creativity and self-expression.



The Bumblebee class made rainbows after learning about colors and rain. We first cut out white clouds and glued them together, we then cut up colors and arranged them to make a rainbow, and finally we glued the colors to the clouds. This was a fun way to welcome Spring!


 We Are Ready!

Intensive English students have worked very hard on their Student-Led Conferences and they are looking forward to presenting to their parents. This was a very important process for them because it helped them reflect on what they have learned so far and set goals for their future learning. 



 Let's Taco' Bout Spanish Classes 

Elementary Spanish students just finished their Unit 4. At the end of the unit they wrote inside their “tacos” about what they have been studying . Make sure to go to the Spanish corner and check what they have "taco"-ed about.


Mixed numbers

The 10 year old class is working hard to learn various ways to understand how multiplying fractions with whole numbers and other fractions work. Next mission: multiplying mixed numbers!



The 9 Year olds Class has started to work on their Programming Unit. The student will have the opportunity to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively through the medium of simple programming. They have already built their robots and are working on mini challenges to program them according to sound computational thinking practices.


Spring is here

This week the Dragonflies are celebrating Spring, by planting beans and parsley. They learned that seeds need sunlight, soil and water to grow and are looking forward to their seeing their plants sprout.


Table Tennis Club is a Thriving ASA

Friday Table Tennis ASA, has become one of the most popular activities at TIS. All high school students are eligible to participate, and all skill levels are welcome.

Interesting fact: Table Tennis was invented in England, around the late 1880s. Competing manufactures presented different versions of the game known as Indoor Tennis, Gossima, Ping-Pong, and Whiff-Waff. 


Collecting and Organizing

The 12 Year Old Mathematics class has been working on Collecting and organizing data in a variety of methods. One way they did this was through creating Box-and-Whisker plots for many different types of data. Here are the charts they created showing the Average High Temperature for a World Capital of their choice.