School Doctor - Valbona Selmani

Dear Parents,

My name is Valbona Selmani. I am the school doctor at Tirana International School. I have 15
years of experience as a doctor and this is my 8th year at TIS.

I am available to provide medical assistance from 7:45 AM to 4:00 PM each school day. Please
inform me about any medical issue or health concern regarding your child. If your child has any
past medical history or severe allergy, please come talk to me in person or send an email. 

As a reminder, our school continues to be a nut free school due to nut allergies in our school

I am committed to cooperating with parents to keep TIS healthy!

Best regards,

Valbona Selmani MD
Tirana International School Doctor
Tel: 355 42 365239








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