Transporting your children to a new school or country can be an incredibly stressful time for a family. Along with the pressures of relocation, children often are concerned about fitting in socially and academically in their new school home. Our teachers and staff have vast experience in helping those new to TIS to quickly form relationships and to experience initial success in the classroom, allowing for a smooth transition. Along with a full-time counselor, our office has an admissions coordinator that is happy to answer questions about TIS or even just life in Albania.  Please feel free to write to Egla Lila at with any inquiries or if you would like to arrange a tour of the facilities.    

Many common questions are answered in our School Information Packet 2018-2019, which we can mail to you on request.  In addition we are happy to address specific questions regarding student needs, our curricular program, and current after school offerings by email or in person.  

The Student Application Form - this online application form will take about 20 minutes to complete.

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School Fees:

Parents interested in enrolling children in this school should contact the school office for current school fee information.